Sunday, September 19, 2004


from How To to Self-Healing

I need your help. A publisher is telling me I need to change "It's Your Life - Who's In Charge?" to a book more focused on Self-healing rather than Psychology/Self-Help/How To/Improvement. - all "so yesterday."
The same strategies that are in "It's Your Life" apply, only now they take on a spiritual/mystical sense of wonder and expectancy for miracles.
The reader still learns how to Let Go of Ego by shifting to a higher Self, only now does so in order to attain mind-body-spirit healing.
The same qualities of Inner Peace apply, only now with the implication of being good for your physical, spiritual, and psychological health.

What do you think? Change to the new concept/paradigm _____ or keep the original ____

Ladies and Gentlemen, your input is essential to our mental and physical health.

I'd say, keep it the same. Don't let the publisher get to focused on the marketing of the book. It's the content of it that counts, and your title now is clear and to the point.
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